The GMBU e. V. is a non-profit organization for industrial research and development established in three departments in Saxony-Anhalt, Thuringia and Saxony. The GMBU e. V. denominates itself as a center of excellence and know-how transfer in the fields of biotechnology, medical and environmental technologies.

BAT GmbH provides complete applications and services in the area of automation facilities. Main focuses are energy optimisation, automation for heating, ventilation systems and air condition, and convenient domestic ventilation for detached or appartment buildings. To optimise customer energy consumption BAT provides equipment for electro-technology, data transfer, MSR field technology, as well as basic control systems, instrumentations and object oriented programme development.

BioSolutions Halle GmbH (BSH) was founded on June 1 1998 as BioService Halle GmbH. BSH business objectives comprises research and development in areas of biology, natural compound chemistry, biochemistry / biotechnology, pharmaceutics and pharmacological medical chemistry as well as services such as molecular diagnostics (preventive medical examinations), microbiological and molecular examinations to verify and identify microbes as well as HPLC analytics (preclinical studies). Additionally BSH provides analysis, isolation, synthesis and derivatisation of natural compounds for pharmaceutical use.

Cobbelsdorfer Naturstoff GmbH was founded in 1994 to provide perspectives for rural areas by processing renewable raw materials to environmentally friendly products.

Production started in 1995 with manufacture of a 'loose fill' packaging material based on extruded corn semolina. Following quality improvement, this product still is main product of the company. The range of products has continuously increased by acquiring or own research capabilities forming constructive collaborations with practice partners and scientific institutions.

By using innovative formulations and pioneering technical development it has been possible to extrude also wheat and rye, along with corn. This development is relevant for local agricultural businesses and offeres even more possibilities for further product developments. Extrudates of wheat e.g. are used as imitation snow in movie and television industries.

Dr. Junghanns GmbH as a special company for medicinal and spice plant focusses research and development on plant raw materials.

ECH Elektrochemie Halle GmbH is a developing and manufacturing company. Besides standard products, it develops individual solutions in the field of analysis. The main focuses of this company are e.g. assembling and marketing scientific devices for laboratory analysis, factory process control and on-site mobile analysis.

fermtec GmbH was founded in 2000 and developed into an established partner for industry and research cooperation, building on its existing excellent contacts to small and medium breweries, research institutions and engineering, and plant construction companies.

The core facility of fermtec GmbH comprises a thoroughly reconstructed and modernised 50 l experimental brewery including an affiliated laboratory for chemical brewery analysis. Especially research in filtrations behaviours of beers and yeast management are core competences of fermtec GmbH.

The scope of service has been systematically extended. Since 2003 equipment for small scale wine production and for fruit and vegetable processing have been integrated. Special expertise and professional competence also exists in area of lactic acid fermentation and processing of residual materials of food sector for production of bio-ethanol.

The development of non-alcoholic soft drinks has also been a part of product range of fermtec GmbH since 2007.

The enterprise Füllner & Partner mechanical production and engineering office GmbH was founded 1992 and has developed into a respected specialist for the planning, development, construction and manufacture of components, machinery and devices.

Füllner & Partner acquired significant competence concerning development of mechatronic assemblies and devices, 3D construction and software development as well as manufacturing of parts by machine cutting.

Das Institut versteht sich als Bindeglied zwischen Grundlagenforschung und industrieller Anwendung der Ergebnisse sowie als Dienstleister auf dem Gebiet der anwendungs-orientierten Entwicklung verfahrenstechnischer Prozesse und für Spezial- und Umweltanalytik. Ergänzt wird das Angebot durch kundenspezifische Analytik.
Arbeitsschwerpunkte des Institutes sind:

  • Adsorption
  • Biogas
  • Hochdruck und Stoffdaten
  • Katalysatoren und Hochtemperaturreaktionen
  • Nanoporöse und nanoskalige Feststoffe
  • Wasser- und Abwassertechnik
  • Mikrowellen- und Ultraschalltechnik

This owner-managed company is well known for its innovation capacity and its competent customer consulting. It accompanies its customers from the first idea to practical implementation in production. JTT is involved in several patents.

This company is highly specialized in area of power ultrasonics for different applications. Ultrasound is an environment-friendly technology, which enhances the efficiency in many laboratory and production processes. With ultrasound technology use of additives and materials can be reduced and product quality and accelerate work flows can be improved.

The owner of JTT has 19 years of experience in testing and developing ultrasound technology for different cases of application. Due to this wealth of experience a lot of ideas became a real success for customers.

INNOVENT is a non-profit, industrial research association founded in 1994 in Jena, a rapidly growing high-tech area in the eastern part of Germany. With its about 160 employees, INNOVENT is one of the largest private research institutes in Germany.

Based on a profound basic research INNOVENT conducts application-oriented research and development projects, mostly in close co-operation with small and medium-sized enterprises but also with large, internationally active companies. The major research areas of INNOVENT are surface engineering, biomaterials and magnetic and optical systems.

The competences and log-term experiences of our interdisciplinary and highly qualified team are bundled in 5 research departments:

  • surface engineering
  • primer and chemical surface treatment
  • magnetic and optical systems
  • biomaterials
  • and analytics and material testing

Die Katz Biotech AG ist ein anerkannter Spezialist für den biologischen Pflanzenschutz und befasst sich zunehmend mit weiteren Bereichen der angewandten Insektenbiotechnologie. Der Unternehmensgegenstand umfasst die Produktion und den Vertrieb von speziellen Insekten und Milbenarten zur biologischen Schädlingsbekämpfung (sogenannte Nützlinge) sowie von Organismen für Pflanzenschutzmittelversuche, inklusive Auftragsforschung, Gewinnung, Ermittlung und Vermarktung von Milben- und Insekteninhaltsstoffen. Dazu zählz auch die Nutzung von Insekten als Proteinquelle für Nutz- und Heimtiere.

Immer wichtiger geworden ist die eigene Forschung und Entwicklung. So forscht und entwickelt das Unternehmen kontinuierlich an neuen und innovativen Verfahren und Produkten. Mit der Entwicklung von speziellen Flüssigkernkapseln - Mikrokapseln mit flüssigem Kern, die von einer festen, funktionellen Hülle umgeben sind - ist es gelungen, ein neues Kompetenzfeld zu erschließen.

Das Institut fürApparate- und Umwelttechnik wurde 1993 an der Fakultät für Maschinenbau der Otto-von-Guericke-Universität Magdeburg gegründet und 1998 in die neue Fakultät für Verfahrens- und Systemtechnik integriert.

Es setzt die Arbeit der 1956 an der damaligen Hochschule für Schwermaschinenbau gebildeten Institute für Wärmetechnik und Chemisches Apparatewesen fort und forscht auf dem Gebiet der thermischen Stofftrennung und erarbeitet z.B. innovative apparative Lösungen zur stofflichen Nutzung der Wirbelschichttechnologie.

For more then 20 years, the Pharmazeutical control- and production laboratory GmbH (PKH GmbH) is a successful player in the market. The strong orientation of formulation and laboratory services towards the growing market of raw and auxiliary materials proved an especially foresighted decision of CEO Hiltrud Neidhart. Apomix®, e.g., is a trademark of PKH GmbH.

Transfer of knowledge and the basic philosophy of the innovation park Heide-Süd in Halle (Saale) are actively lived out by PKH GmbH as a member of the wineyard-campus e.V.

The nearby Martin-Luther-University is also a close partner. Especially the cooperation between the pharmaceutical institute for support and training of pharmacists and PKH GmbH are highly valued by university due to PKH's modern facilities and practical connections.

PPM is a private, non-profit research and development institute and belongs to the ZUSE Gemeinschaft of German industrial research centers.

Members of PPM are companies or people dealing with plant breeding, vegetable oil production and processing, chemistry as well as engineering and plant construction companies for that branch.

PPM runs Germany’s first and unique experimental pilot plant for extraction and processing of vegetable oils and proteins. Currently, 20 chemists, engineers and laboratory technicians are employed at PPM.

PPM is structured in the business fields:

  • vegetable fats and oils
  • plant proteins
  • biomaterials
  • analytics

PPM acts in several sectors, like food, feed, chemical-technical and cosmetic as well as in the pharmaceutical sector. In these areas PPM performs research and development projects, applies for public funds and publishes the results.

In addition, PPM performs contract research and services for companies and research institutes worldwide.

PPM is the organizer of NAROSSA®- and INSECTA® conferences.

Under the umbrella of the WALA Foundation, Dr. Schaette GmbH and its subsidiary, PlantaVet GmbH, have affiliated into SaluVet GmbH. The new company unites long-standing tradition of Dr. Schaette and PlantaVet and focusses on promoting animal health through holistic, natural treatment concepts. Not only competent knowledge of herbal medicine but also latest research findings play a major role in development of high-quality and innovative products manufactured in Bad Waldsee, South Germany.

This affiliation has created a company that focusses on natural animal health with a unique portfolio ranging from homoeopathic veterinary pharmaceuticals and phytotherapeutic agents to supplemental feed and care products containing medicinal plants through to biocides.

Skinomics GmbH is specialised in the development, optimisation and validation of preparations for dermal applications.

Basis of its research and development activities is the interdisciplinary combination of pharmacological and dermatological expertise. Its service is aimed at producers of cosmetics, medical products and pharmaceuticals as well as raw material suppliers.

Die Firma Ventury Energieanlagen GmbH verfügt mit seinem Mitarbeiterstamm über langjährige Erfahrungen in der Planung und dem Bau von biotechnologischen Anlagen sowie von energie- und gebäudetechnischen Projekten.
Durch die mehrjährige Arbeit in interdisziplinären Projekten zur Weiterentwicklung von Photobioreaktoranlagen und einer detaillierten weltweiten Marktanalyse wurde das strategische Ziel der Entwicklung und Lieferung von Produktgruppen bzw. Prozesstechnologien für die zukünftige großtechnische Umsetzung von Erzeugungsanlagen phototropher Organismen definiert. Hierfür bietet insbesondere das firmeninterne Gefüge des notwendigen technologischen Know-how`s beste Voraussetzungen.
Das Leistungsspektrum reicht dabei von grundlegenden Konzeptplanungen und Beratungen, über verfahrenstechnische Festlegungen, Dimensionierungen und Simulationen, bis hin zu anlagen- und maschinentechnischen Konstruktionen.